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Tradition and Elegance
Antenhofer Maso since 1686

The “Maso”

(a mountain farmhouse/Hut)
Probably the origin of Antenhof is very old, but there is not an exact historical timeabout its beginning..
The meaning of the name is complex to explain, perhaps in origin it was ”ENTHOF”: the last court.
Around 1602 George Anthenhofer; in 1607 Balthaser Passler (Huber) bought a half, while Peter Antenhofer changed the other half with Martin Mair da Luns.
In 1644 Balthaser Passler acquired the whole Anthenhof estate that had belonged to Huberhof until the end of the 18° century and was sold to the son-in-low Josef Pallhuber (Lumper) in 1799.
The last family owner, “Antenhof Siml”, who also owned the surrounding forrest, like his father, had veterinary notions. He died in 1973.
His brother Josef Pallhuber lost his life heroically in 1915 on the battlefields in Galicia, Johann died in 1921 due to the war.
Then it was the grandson Zitturi to lead the farm.
The Antenhofer have since the beginning of the twenty-first century the law on pastures and the surrounding land where there is one of the oldest mills in the valley.
Now the property belongs to a family coming from another valley. The new owners have changed the use of the “Maso”, it is no more a farm, but a Maso for Holidays keeping intact its originality and its unique feature.
Being a historical site, protected by Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, it is an old and precious heritage for the Alto Adige and Anterselva Valley: please respect and protect it.